Caren's Memories of Uncle Louis
after a letter from Rusty
The Foster Connection
The Foster Family Tree


Great to hear from you!

I vaguely remember you, but not the trip to the zoo in Atlanta. I remember going to your house for supper one summer evening, and we played out front a little.

What I mostly remember is your father taking our picture for the Greenville News/Piedmont every few years. Below is my all-time favorite occasion, but not because of the one that made the paper!

This is the article. Uncle Louis had called the evening before, and Mama got me and my best friend Jean Horton out of school. She drove us to the Greenville airport and we greeted VP Nixon and Pat who arrived in a twin engin prop plane! Can you imagine Cheney flying in on the plane in the picture?

They used the Pat-and-the-kids shot in the paper that evening.
But Uncle Louis had gotten a bunch of shots and sent this one as well as an 8 x 10 of the newspaper one. I found it some years ago and have had it framed in my office ever since. What a shot! You can't imagine the conversation opener when people notice who it is and how young we both look.

I remember Uncle Louis kept "directing " Jean and me so he could get us in a lot of shots. He always said that he didn't get to pick the shot used in the paper. So he'd take a lot of shots. I don't remember a time when they didn't use one. I remember really liking him, he was always so nice. And it was so neat to be in the paper every few years.

Here's an early one -

"Spring is here and Dot Crouch makes the windows sparkling after the long winter"

The caption was something like that, but I don't have the article - must be in another book.

March 4, 1958 is on the back. So I was 10 years old. And Mama was only 33.

Mama always complained about her nose when she saw this one.

I don't have a date for this one but from my hairstyle, looking at school pics, I'd say 9th grade or so.

I remember Daddy got frozen hamburger patties out of the freezer and Uncle Louis said they could "put smoke on them" in the photo lab. Wow was that amazing!

Anyway, that's about all I remember about the Burress connection. I don't even know what it is... How are we related? And why did the 2 families not stay in touch? Everyone in that generation is gone now, and there's noone to ask. I was talking with my cousin Margaret not too long ago when we were going through pictures & other stuff ( her Mom, Cille - Mama's sister, died exactly one year ago, and Mama in September. So we have been going through a lot os stuff and trying to remember old times and family connections and "who is this a picture of?". I told her about the Uncle Louis pictures in the paper, but she didn't remember any of it (she grew up in Clemson).

What are you doing? You live in Alexandria? Are you in the Government? What's your family - you Mom is still around? I don't remember her as well as Uncle Louis.

Anyway, thanks for the card and wishes. Mama had been out of it for several years (Dementia/ Alzhiemers) in a nursing home, so it was not unexpected. Still, it's really strange to not have any parents in the world.

Keep in touch - thanks again,

Caren Zisson