The Foster Family Tree
according to Rusty & Ann
The Foster Connection
Louis Snaps the Crouches

Henry & Ida Foster’s eight children
(in chronological order) and their families are as follows:

•1. Ola Foster married Harriet "Hattie" Whitten. They lived in Pendleton where Ola was a barber. Their three children were:

Buck Foster (now deceased), married Margaret, one daughter, Anne.

Cille (now deceased), who married William N. "Mac" McAdams, and had two children,

- Richard McAdams (of Easley). married Joyce, had 2 children, West McAdams of Sumter (wife Cam, daughter Callie, son Douglas, daughter Jane), and Cydney McAdams Milling of Columbia (husband Jonathan, sons Harris and Hayes)

- Margaret McAdams Duncan (of Clemson) , married to Buster Duncan

Dot (now deceased), who married Doug Crouch, one daughter, Caren

2. Janie Foster married Norton Campbell. They lived in Pendleton. Their three children were:

                                        -Frances (now deceased)

                                        -Agnes (now deceased)

                                        -Norton (now deceased)

• 3. Miledge Foster married Leize (maiden name?). They lived in Anderson and Pendleton. Their one child was:

                                        -Miledge, Jr. (now deceased)

• 4. Zoa Foster
married John Hovey Long. They lived in Central and then Greenville. Their four children are:

• -Evelyn Long, who married Ellis Bradey (now deceased), and had two children, Brenda (now Mrs. Johnny Edwards) and Barbra (now Mrs. Will Moore). Evelyn still lives in Greenville.

-John Hovey Long, Jr., who married Ruth (last name?) (now deceased) and had four children, Richard, Larry, Rene, and Lance. Johnny still lives in Spartanburg.

-Ann Long, who married Louis Burress (now deceased) and had two children, Rusty and Becky (now Becky Burress Irwin). Ann still lives in Greenville.

-Henry Long, who married Jo Morgan, and had four children, Randy, Terry (male), Kim, and Karen. Henry and Jo still live in Greenville.

5. Elzie "Moss" Foster was first married to (first name?) Willingham and then to (first name?) Moss. She had one child:

• -Harold (female) who married Bill Lee. "Harold Lee" and Bill still live in Wheeling, WVA where they recently moved to a retirement home.

6. Ruby Foster married (first name?) Webb. They lived in Greenwood, SC. They had no children, but raised one of their cousins, named Tillie.

7. Maggie Foster married Lee Brown. They lived in Anderson, SC. They had no children.

8. Henri "Tiss" Foster married Frank Gray. They lived in Greenville and then Anderson. They had no children.

When our great-grandfather Henry Foster died, great-grandmother Ida lived with her various daughters, primarily Ruby and Maggie.

Of Henry & Ida’s children, the ones that I best knew were Zoa (my grandmother), and Maggie, and "Moss", and "Tiss". Did you know any of that generation?

As you can see from the above, the only living grandchildren of Henry & Ida are the four children of Zoa Foster Long (including my Mom Ann), and the one child of Elzie "Moss" Foster Moss. While I did not get a comprehensive list of all the great-grandchildren (the ones in "our generation", including you and me), there are 13 of us listed above.

Ann and her sister and brothers along with their "kids" (including yours truly) and grandchildren have a family picnic reunion each fall at the Paris Mountain State Park in Greenville, so I’m in regular contact with most of Long branch of the Foster clan. My aunt Evelyn (your first cousin once removed) and cousin Brenda (your second cousin) are in regular contact with "Harold Lee" (your and my first cousin once removed) and her husband Bill Lee. I gather that you are close with your first cousins (my second cousins) Margaret Duncan and Richard McAdams.

And now you and I are connected - again!