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Rusty Burress

Happy 80th Birthday, Ann!
January, 2006
Christmas Eve, 2005
Front row: Johnny Edwards (husband of Brenda Bradey Edwards), Becky Burress Irwin, Barbra Bradey Moore, Will Moore (husband of Barbra Bradey Moore), Evelyn Long Bradey (mother of Brenda and Barbra), Brenda Bradey Edwards, and Ann Long Burress (mother of Rusty and Becky).
Second row: McKenzie Moore (Barbra's daughter), Lacey Moore (Barbra's daughter), Russ Irwin , Jay Irwin , Jeff (boyfriend of Melody Long), Melody Long (daughter of Larry Long (son of Johnny Long) of Spartanburg, SC), and Rusty Burress.
Jay graduates from the University of South Carolina's business school in international business and marketing
Ann Long Burress, my sister Becky Burress Irwin, and Becky's boys, Jay and Russ Irwin, and Rusty.
December, 2005

Evelyn Long Bradey, Johnny Long, Jo Long (wife of Henry), Henry Long, and Ann Long Burress (cz's first cousins once removed) Fall, 2005
Jay and Russ Irwin
(sons of Becky Burress Irwin)